Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf wanders alone Separated from the pack It is all he has known Hope fading, all is black A mate he desires Company for his travels Before his hope expires And life unravels He is strong and wise Independent and cunning But now spots his prize Across the field, running Fast, with elegance and […]

The Elf and The Ninja 1

It was a cold winters night, the elven warrior had finished hunting pink dragon toads for the day and needed to have a bite to eat and lay his head to rest. Tomorrow would involve the blue ones, which were far more challenging to tackle, especially when using their breakdancing skills to evade capture. Pink […]

Let me in

Let me in I let you in But you will not Why is that? Do I repulse you Am I too intense Is it fear or untrust Something you cannot say? I won’t judge you Because I know Deep down You are a good person There may be those That criticise or ridicule But they […]

On Comment Spam…

As many people with blogs may know, comment spam can be a problem. Some of it is harmless, but other comments insert links to lead you or your readers to sites that sell high end brands at a low cost (fake of course). To prevent this, you either need to moderate all comments, or have […]


Limerence is a feeling some people have – like a ‘crush’ or infatuation; only deeper, involuntary, with great passion/admiration for the limerent, painful and much longer lasting (years, to a lifetime). Not really sure how to describe it though   A beauty is seen A wonderful person too No, she is taken There is heart […]

Photo (c) Kay Leez


Liebster Blog Award 1

I have been nominated for this award by the talented Kay Leez: writer, poet, martial artist, Scramble expert, nurse, all round awesome and humorous lady. I don’t know the origins of the award, but as far as I can tell it is used to promote blogs that people may not know of already and could […]

The Barn and The Reindeer

Jack and Jill had to go up the hill to get water for their mother since she was unable to herself because of her debilitating illness. Unfortunately Jack was pretty clumsy and often fell with the bucket, most likely due to overfilling it with water. Jill was supposed to help Jack, carrying the bucket of […]


On Writing…

I have always wanted to write and have in various forms in the past – blogging, Open University assignments, tweets, short status updates. Though these may not be significant writing, they have helped me gauge my abilities and improve my skills, through re-reading past work and reflection. It is only within the past year or […]

New Site

A new website is in the works, I have not updated it for a long time and am now using a new system to update it. I hope to post more in the future. Code (for Web Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc), writing, photos and more. I am migrating my content over from my old […]

Secret Hobbit Wizard

Ever since being a young hobbit I have always wanted to be a wizard. I heard the tales of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins and the adventures they had in destroying The One Ring and it fascinated me. What I found really interesting was not just what they went through, but how awesome and powerful Gandalf […]