A Beautiful Procession

A divine beauty, sent from above

Her eyes shining like stars
I could not help but lose myself in them
Silky hair cascading down her shoulders
Flowing like a magnificent waterfall

She smiled, sweet velvety lips
Succulent, irresistible, teasing

Captivating me, butterflies fluttering
My pulse quickening, I felt warm all over
I only saw her, no one else mattered

My heart started to beat
Like a drum in a grand procession

Starting off slow and quiet
Picking up pace, growing intensely
The beat reached a crescendo

I felt I was about to burst

She brushed my arm, I quivered
Delirious, with a longing for her
To hold her in my arms
To caress her hair, and her soul

Alas, it was not to last
She gracefully twirled away
Like a ballet dancer

Leaving centre stage, and me, behind
The beat grew dull, my heart throbbed

Darkness remains


Stomach tied in knots
Anxiety and loss of appetite
Fatigued but cannot sleep
Never fading, ever present, every time


Is it love, limerence, or a delusion
The feeling still remains

An emotion, never before experienced
And may never be felt again
Is there still hope

Will I see her again

Will fate be kind to me
What is planned for me
In this life of mine
Is ‘true love’ indeed possible?