Where the heart goes

Your heart leads you to many places in life
Through valleys and down winding rivers
Up snow encrusted mountain tops and down to the deep blue sea
Across arid deserts, sparse tundra’s and dense jungles

Much is perceived with these experiences
Great highs and lows, euphoria and pain
Brightness, searing heat, and darkness, bitter chill
Times of loneliness, but also camaraderie

You seek that special something or someone
For deeper meaning, be they near, or be they far
Distance is but an obstacle to overcome
Only time will tell if a connection is made

You will feel longing and desire
It will be reciprocated or it might not
But this shapes you, for better or worse
Better to try, with no regrets, and say “I lived”

A Drifting Soul

Amongst the stars the soul wanders
Free to go where it wishes, do what it wants
Ever drifting between countless galaxies
Searching for the meaning of its existence

It is a raw and lonely soul
Never quite knowing where to go
But always discovering and learning
Despite fearing the murky unknown

Much is seen in its travels far and wide
Pulsars blinking in the darkness
Teetering on the event horizon of black holes
The dazzling brilliance of supernova

Freedom is both a blessing and a curse
So many choices, so much can be done
The soul must make the journey by itself
Perhaps discovering its soul mate in the cosmos