Gone, but not forgotten

People pass on, it is a fact of life
Taken before their time
Or when they were due
To shuffle off this mortal coil

Where they go
No one knows
But they are gone
And you live on

Always strive, move forward
Do not be sad, but be glad
That they were a part of your existence
And value what you shared

Keep them in your heart
Cherish the memories
For to remember them
Is to show that they lived


Her beauty bewitched him
Beguiled him, blew his mind
Heart pounding in his throat
Hot flushes made his cheeks glow

She had an ethereal quality about her
The likes he had never seen before
No one could compare to her beauty
She was a once in a lifetime woman

Sweet, succulent, luscious lips
A gorgeous smile, melting his heart
Dark, moody and mysterious
Alluring, ravishing, classy and divine

Finally, he was about to meet her
Palms sweating, pulse racing
Mentally and physically aroused
A nervous anticipation of what was to come

Desire and Love

Desire attracts people
Love keeps them together

A unilateral desire
Can break hearts and destroy souls

Healing takes time
Wounds aren’t always mended

But if you get through it
You end up stronger

Keep an open heart
The future may be bright

For shutting people out
Leads to bitterness and pain

Being Adventurous

To be adventurous does not necessarily mean you have to take part in high octane, adrenaline fuelled activities. For those who are naturally attuned to these activities it can be easy for them to do more of the same. Be it bungee jumping, sky diving, base jumping, rock climbing, white water rafting or extreme sports. Could you call it adventurous if you are going to do it anyway? If you are potentially putting your life at risk, then perhaps. Although that could be borderline (or completely) reckless.

It is doing things you wouldn’t normally do, that put you out of your ‘comfort zone’ at the risk of failing or even being ridiculed and told you cannot do it. Pursuits that you may not normally partake in, but may stretch you as a person. From visiting foreign or unfamiliar places, to writing a novel, poetry, drawing, mastering a musical instrument, public speaking, learning a foreign language. These can be adventures in themselves, if you are willing to take the risk and show to a wider audience your progress.

There can be, or most likely will be, times of rejection and disappointment, but if your heart is in it, you keep on pushing on through that pain and can come out a lot better for it. Giving up is easy, continuing the journey is hard.