My name is Sam Collett and this is my little corner of the web. Why TexoTela? A portmanteau from the Latin texo (to weave) and tela (web). Sounded good at the time anyway.

My interests and hobbies include web development, technology, reading, writing, photography, nature, the environment, current affairs, Japanese media (aka manga, anime) and more. I also like to play tennis, badminton and table tennis when I can (though not at the same time).

The genres of books I like to read are science fiction, fantasy, adventure, historical, Asian (Japanese, but also Chinese, Korean), detective stories.

I also have a presence on Google+, Twitter and Glipho

As a day job I am a Specialist Systems Developer (Web Developer) building systems for the NHS since 2003. As well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript I also have knowledge of ASP.NET MVC, C#, PHP, SQL Server and MySQL.

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