Google Wave: 5 Ways It Could Change the Web

Google Wave arrives on September 30th. On that day, Google will start sending out 100,000 invites to non-developers to its much-anticipated real-time communication platform. An interesting article ‘5 ways Google Wave could change the web’ has been published over at Mashable.

1. Wave-Powered Forums
2. Wave-powered Commenting System
3. Wave-Based Content Management System
4. Wave for Customer Support
5. Wave for Education

Read the full article over here

Pixie – small, simple, website maker

Recently, I have been looking at Pixie, to see how it works as a simple system for managing websites. It is open source (GPL v3), written to web standards (XHTML Strict, Microformats) and powered by jQuery and PHP/MySQL.

It consists of several page types – dynamic (blog, news), static or module (e.g. contact form, events, links etc). Plugins add additional functionality to modules (like allowing comments on blog posts). Blocks allow you to add content alongside your content (e.g. display RSS content from BBC News).

Easy enough to extend, with detailed guides for module development (so you can create additional ones to those that are bundled with Pixie) block development and theme development.

A few additional blocks I have created: News (latest content from a page named ‘news’) and Google Maps. These can then be shown on any page (so you can see news on your home page for example).