Manga I’ve Bought

Just went into Waterstones one day a while and decided to check out some Manga – mostly due to watching lots of Anime – so wanting to check out the comics. First I tried Ragnarok, which is based on Norse Mythology, but in Manga (or rather, Manwha – Korean comics) style. Found out I liked it, so got all the volumes available – unfortunately it is an unfinished series – up to volume 10 (November 2003, UK).

Also have Ghost In the Shell, which was also very good and volume 1 of Black Cat. Wondering whether I should get the rest of Black Cat or check out something else.

“How to Draw Manga” Books

I have an interest in the manga style of drawing and as a result am looking at what books are available for learning how to do it. Currently I have a list of a few books on drawing manga.

  • Manga for Dummies – a very comprehensive looking guide (432 pages), covering many aspects of manga creation, from tools to characters, story and scenery
  • The Art of Drawing Manga – a shorter book (144 pages) than the Dummies one, available in full colous
  • Step-By-Step Manga – by the same author of the previous book, very short (64 pages), targeted at younger audience and consists of various characters and how they were designed
  • Draw Your Own Manga: All the Basics – a book apparently used at the Tokyo Animation College. Details the steps made in creating a manga in a manga illustrated format
  • The Monster Book of Manga – a long book (384 pages) with many different styles, not really for an absolute beginner, more for reference