Code for my jQuery Plugins can be found on GitHub.

This includes:

  • checkbox manipulation – working with checkboxes
  • dialogIframe – Opens links in an iframe in a jQuery UI Dialog box
  • dialogImage – Opens images in a jQuery UI Dialog box
  • fix Q tags – wrap q tags with proper quotes in Internet Explorer
  • focus fields – add an outline and background to text inputs when they are given focus
  • jQIR – replace text with images
  • newsticker – a news ticker for sequentially showing each item in a list
  • numeric – allow only numbers to be typed into a text box
  • preload images – preload any images that you may use in the future (e.g. for image rollovers)
  • select box manipulation – add/remove options in select boxes as well as sort them
  • time picker – display a list of times when you click on an input

I have not had much time to work on them, so feel free to download / fork and make your own changes

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