If I’m Gone

Should I disappear for a while
Who would look for me

Should I lose my passion
Who would re-ignite it

Should I become fearful
Who would comfort me

Should I withdraw into myself
Who would bring me back

Should I put up barriers
Who would break them down

Should I become sick
Who would nurse me back to health

Should I lose my way
Who would give me direction

Should I tire of the world and leave it behind
Who would mourn for me

If I’m gone
Who would miss me

The First Time

The first time he observed her
He saw a beautiful heart and mind

The first time he gazed at her
He saw a beautiful face and figure

The first time he conversed with her
He saw a beautiful soul and personality

The first time he realised
He saw a perfect woman
But what was he to her?

Where the heart goes

Your heart leads you to many places in life
Through valleys and down winding rivers
Up snow encrusted mountain tops and down to the deep blue sea
Across arid deserts, sparse tundra’s and dense jungles

Much is perceived with these experiences
Great highs and lows, euphoria and pain
Brightness, searing heat, and darkness, bitter chill
Times of loneliness, but also camaraderie

You seek that special something or someone
For deeper meaning, be they near, or be they far
Distance is but an obstacle to overcome
Only time will tell if a connection is made

You will feel longing and desire
It will be reciprocated or it might not
But this shapes you, for better or worse
Better to try, with no regrets, and say “I lived”

A Drifting Soul

Amongst the stars the soul wanders
Free to go where it wishes, do what it wants
Ever drifting between countless galaxies
Searching for the meaning of its existence

It is a raw and lonely soul
Never quite knowing where to go
But always discovering and learning
Despite fearing the murky unknown

Much is seen in its travels far and wide
Pulsars blinking in the darkness
Teetering on the event horizon of black holes
The dazzling brilliance of supernova

Freedom is both a blessing and a curse
So many choices, so much can be done
The soul must make the journey by itself
Perhaps discovering its soul mate in the cosmos

The Fear

Fear can strike at any time
Of failure, of rejection, of pain
Only you can face the assault
Succeed, accept and endure

The biggest fear is acceptance and love
Not receiving, not being able to give
An open mind and an open heart
Can leave you vulnerable

But if you don’t, your soul shrivels
Life loses it’s meaning with time
You exist rather than live
Days pass by, drifting with the breeze

Until one day you question
Why was I here in the first place
I should have done something
Face my fears and doubts

So while you still can, take risks
Things may not work out
But at least you can say ‘I tried’
For life is for living

A Chaotic Mind

A storm brews in my mind
Ideas, thoughts and feelings rage
Like waves crashing on a lonely shore
Or a blizzard howling on the mountain tops
A supernova exploding, galaxies colliding
The abyss, a black hole pulling me in

A respite is welcomed, however brief
In the eye of a storm, time to reflect
Who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose
A man, to learn, to understand, to grow
The divinity of nature, the world we live in
Cruel, yet beautiful and magical

There may be darkness
But there is also light, if I let it in
It can be scary, frustrating or leave me anxious
But the barrier can come down
For those who truly care
Rare though they may be

It takes time, hard work and trust
To calm the chaos in my mind
To make sense of the what’s and why’s
But I know I am not alone in this crazy world
Keeping an open mind to the future
To realise my own and others potential

We were born from stars
And will return one day

A Beautiful Procession

A divine beauty, sent from above

Her eyes shining like stars
I could not help but lose myself in them
Silky hair cascading down her shoulders
Flowing like a magnificent waterfall

She smiled, sweet velvety lips
Succulent, irresistible, teasing

Captivating me, butterflies fluttering
My pulse quickening, I felt warm all over
I only saw her, no one else mattered

My heart started to beat
Like a drum in a grand procession

Starting off slow and quiet
Picking up pace, growing intensely
The beat reached a crescendo

I felt I was about to burst

She brushed my arm, I quivered
Delirious, with a longing for her
To hold her in my arms
To caress her hair, and her soul

Alas, it was not to last
She gracefully twirled away
Like a ballet dancer

Leaving centre stage, and me, behind
The beat grew dull, my heart throbbed

Darkness remains


Stomach tied in knots
Anxiety and loss of appetite
Fatigued but cannot sleep
Never fading, ever present, every time


Is it love, limerence, or a delusion
The feeling still remains

An emotion, never before experienced
And may never be felt again
Is there still hope

Will I see her again

Will fate be kind to me
What is planned for me
In this life of mine
Is ‘true love’ indeed possible?